Small Tapestry Bobbin from Wadji T0180


Small Tapestry Bobbin from Wadji T0180

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Overall Length:                     11 cms. (4 and 3/ins.)
Diameter:                              1.2 cms. (1/2 in.)
Length of Neck:                    5 cms. (2 ins.)
Diameter of Neck:                0.5 cms. (3/16 ins.)

These Wadji bobbins are beautifully hand turned and finished, absolutely guaranteed to not mar your material/thread in any way. 
The finish is my normal finish, that is sanded down to 600 grit, soaked in Tung oil, which is a natural drying oil and buffed through various grades of compound to 6000 grit and a final buff with carnauba wax to give a high sheen and durability.
Silky and smooth and much slimmer than the average bobbin, these are the result of more than just a few requests for a slimmer bobbin.
If you like any of the timber any of these bobbins are turned from but you would like them made to suit you, for example, just a little longer, or a little slimmer or a different shape on the head or all of the above please let me know and we can work something out to suit you. Or if you would like a larger quantity, 10 or more, let me know and we can work out a better price.
As always I strive to produce an heirloom quality item and I'm quite sure that you would be happy to own and use these bobbins.
I have spent a lot of time trying to research this tree and the only information I can find is that it appears to be a type of ghost gum from the arid central areas of Australia and I would say that Wadji is just the local name for the tree. The timber is a beautiful dark chocolate colour with orange-red pin striping through it; the sapwood is very narrow and white-yellow in colour. It is very easy to turn, in fact a pleasure to turn compared to some of the timbers which grow in the desert and it takes an absolutely beautiful finish.

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