Tapestry Bobbin from Lace Sheoak


Tapestry Bobbin from Lace Sheoak

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Overall Length:                     11cms. (4 and 3/8ins.)

Diameter:                              1.2cms. (1/2in.)

Length of Neck:                    5cms. (2ins.)

Diameter of Neck:                0.5cms. (3/16ins.)

These Lace Sheoak bobbins are beautifully hand turned and finished, absolutely guaranteed to not mar your material/thread in any way. The photograph of the bobbins doesn't really do justice to these bobbins and I'm afraid that photography is not one of my strong points, if you order more than one there may be variations in the grain and color. 
The finish is my normal finish, that is sanded down to 600 grit, soaked in Tung oil, which is a natural drying oil and buffed through various grades of compound to 6000 grit and a final buff with carnauba wax to give a high sheen and durability.
Silky and smooth and much slimmer than the average bobbin, these are the result of more than just a few requests for a slimmer bobbin.
If you like any of the timber any of these bobbins are turned from but you would like them made to suit you, for example, just a little longer, or a little slimmer or a different shape on the head or all of the above please let me know and we can work something out to suit you. Or if you would like a larger quantity, 10 or more, let me know and we can work out a better price.

As always I strive to produce an heirloom quality item and I'm quite sure that you would be happy to own and use these bobbins.

Sheoaks are very unusual plants because they have separate male and female plants. Each year the males will turn a dusky red colour as they release their pollen. The female trees have small red flowers and lots of seed cones.Lace Sheoak is one of the Worlds rarest and most desirable woods, it occurs in only approximatel one in one hundred of sheoak trees. Sheoak is ideal for fine furniture, Guitars, wood turning, boxes and other high end uses. Heartwood colours range from light pink to dark red with orange-purple and with occasional black streaks. Sapwood is a light yellowish brown. Sheoak can be highly figured. Because it is hard to find in sizable boards, it is best suited for smaller projects. Lace Sheoak looks like a a fiery explosion of burning embers. This figure pattern is very rare and prized for high end applications. Very large medullary rays produce a lace-like pattern on quarter sawn surfaces. Grain is straight to slightly interlocked and has uniform medium texture with a moderate amount of natural lustre. Sheoak is a relatively small tree growing to about 15 mtrs ( about 50 feet) with a trunk diameter of between 50 cms (19-20 ins) and 1 mtr. (about 39 ins)


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