Medium Size Jacaranda Tapestry Bobbin


Medium Size Jacaranda Tapestry Bobbin

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Overall Length:                                   15cms. (6ins.)

Diameter:                                            1.2cms. (1/2in.)

Length of Neck:                                  6.5cms. (2 and 9/16ins.)

Diameter of Neck:                              0.5cms. (3/16ins.)

 These Jacaranda bobbins are beautifully hand turned, silky and smooth and finished, absolutely guaranteed to not mar your material/thread in anyway. 
Jacaranda is a native of Brazil and as well as being superb street trees, jacarandas look stunning on their own as a specimen tree in an open lawn, where their fallen flowers form a colourful carpet of blue. The timber if you are fortunate enough to obtain some, is a pale gold in colour and would normally have an attractive fleck through the timber, it is a fairly soft timber and an absolute joy to turn.          
           If you like any of the timber of any of these bobbins are turned from but you would like them made to suit you, for example, just a little longer, or a little slimmer or a different shape on the head or all of the above please let me know and we can work something out to suit you. Or if you would like a larger quantity, 10 or more, let me know and we can work out a better price.

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