Small Tapestry Bobbin from Jarrah


Small Tapestry Bobbin from Jarrah

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Overall Length:                        11cms. (4 and 5/16ins.)

Diameter:                                 1.2cms. (1/2in.)

Length of Neck:                       5cms. (2ins.)

Diameter of Neck:                   0.5cms. (3/16ins.)

Jarrah comes from the south west of Western Australia and makes up the majority of the eucalyptus forests in that area. It is a dark red/brown in colour and is highly prized for its structural qualities, bridge building etc, and is perhaps more highly prized for the manufacture of high end furniture and turnery and will finish with a beautiful warm glow to the timber.

These are little beauties, hand turned by me and then finished by sanding down to 600 grit emery paper and then soaked in Tung oil, which is a self drying natural oil which also helps to harden the timber prior to buffing. It is then buffed through several very fine grades of compounds down to around 6,000 grit and a final buffing with Carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a very hard, tough wax and gives and an excellent finish, it will withstand high temperatures unlike Beeswax which will begin to soften at around body temperature. I can guarantee that Carnauba wax will not mark or mar your material in any way whatsoever.
These bobbins are particularly nice to feel and handle and as always I do my best to create a product of heirloom quality.

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