Tapestry Shuttle from Spotted Gum.


Tapestry Shuttle from Spotted Gum.

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Length:                        15cms. (6ins.)

Width:                          3.8cms. (1 and 1/2ins.)

Thickness:                   0.5cms. (3/16in.)

This shuttle is ideal for use with the Inkle Loom or for card weaving, tablet weaving, for use with the Heddle loom etc. The one in the photograph is fairly typical of Spotted Gum with a nice grain showing, if you order more than one there will be variations in the grain and colour. Spotted Gum is quite a large tree growing from 35mtrs. (115ft.) to 50mtrs (160ft) with the exceptional one hitting the 70mtr. (230ft.) mark. The heartwood is light brown to dark brown, and sapwood is pale and up to 8 cm (3ins.)wide. The texture is moderately coarse, with an interlocked grain, and the frequent presence of wavy grain produces an attractive ' fiddleback' grain, the wood is slightly greasy and gum veins are common and as usual I have given a nicely bevelled edge to the shuttle.

 The finish is my normal finish, that is sanded down to 600 grit, then soaked in Tung oil, which is a natural drying oil and buffed through various grades of compound to 6000 grit and a final buff with carnauba wax to give a high sheen and durability. The Carnauba wax really will last a very long time.

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