Support Spindle Bowl from Jarrah


Support Spindle Bowl from Jarrah

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Support Spindle Bowl from Jarrah.
Material:          Curly Jarrah
Diameter:        6.4cms. (2 and 1/2 ins.)
Thickness:      3.2cms. (1 and 1/4 ins.)
Weight:           57 grams. (2 ozs.)

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This delightful support bowl is made from Jarrah and has been given a Webb Wood end grain insert for hardness as well as for the decorative effect. To use the support bowl simply place a small cushion or even a rolled up sweater on your lap and then the support bowl, the dimple in the centres will keep the spindle in position as it is flicked and as it has a dimple on both sides so the support bowl is reversible. These spindle bowls are also ideal for traveling.
I strive to make heirloom quality tools and this spindle bowl is certainly no exception. The finish is my normal finish, that is sanded down to 600 grit, soaked in Tung oil, which is a natural drying oil and buffed through various grades of compound to 6000 grit and a final buff with Carnauba wax to give a high sheen and durability. 
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