Malleee Burl and Tasmanian Oak Support Spindle

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Malleee Burl and Tasmanian Oak Support Spindle

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Length:                         29cms. (11 and 3/8ins.)

Weight:                        38grams (1.3ozs.)

Whorl Diameter:          5.2cms. (2ins.)


Whorl:                         Mallee Burl.

Shaft:                          Tasmanian Oak.

This is a nicely balanced support spindle with a whorl made from Mallee Burl and the shaft which I have turned from Tasmanian Oak. The spindle has been finished in my usual manner, that is sanded down to a 600 grit and then buffed to around a 6000 grit and given a final buff with Carnauba wax which is extremely hard wearing and should last for many years and it also imparts a beautiful finish to the item. The Mallee Burl has a really beautiful grain pattern as you can see by the photo while I find that I am using Tasmanian Oak (and also Jarrah) more and more for the shafts of my spindles because of their stability, and I also want my fibre tools to be made from Australian timbers as much as possible. I have included a couple of photo's of Mallee and Tasmanian Oak to give an indication of where these timbers come from. As usual I strive to produce an item of heirloom quality which will last for many years.

Mallee is an Aboriginal name for a group of eucalypts which grow to a height of  2 - 9 metres and have many stems arising from a swollen woody base known as a lignotuber.  They have an umbrella-like leaf canopy and the trees shade 30-70% of the ground. It grows in arid to semi arid desert conditions with an average rain fall of 20cms. (8ins) to 45cms. (about 17 and 1/2ins.) and quite often much less. 









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